New York City Street Photography Trip

New YorkWith 2 lenses, 3 batteries and no other camera gear, I started my trip to New York City which had been planned for months.   With Fall coming soon, I wanted to grab some last moment shots of New York before the cold breaks.  I had it all planned out… bring only 2 lenses.. spend as little money as possible.. eat only once and focus on everything I wanted to shoot and how I wanted/expected it to look.  Well that’s how it started out.I quickly found it frustrating and it started to feel like work so I completely changed my strategy by not having one.  I was simply going to take great photos of things I found interesting like I originally imagined when I thought about NYC.   It was partly cloudy to overcast and 80 degrees which in the city streets feels like 100 degrees in some areas but I managed to capture some great moments.

I hope you enjoy the photos I took during my visit.

NYC Hustle and Bustle
Hustle and Bustle of NYC

I only brought 2 lenses with me. using mainly my 18-55mm.  I had a Sigma 50-200mm just in case.

This guy just had his own walk.. just doing his thing amidst all the tourists and workers.  He looked to not have a care in the world and was loving it and that was something I wanted to capture.




NYC 6th Ave
Taking in the view on 6th Ave. and W 46th Street.

I couldn’t resist a quick shot in mid-street.  I just liked the view while I was walking down 6th Ave. The overcast skies helped create an eerie darkness as if everyone had abandoned the city.  Funny how just a block or two can change the entire appearance of New York.

I came for great shots and NYC did not disappoint.





Musical “Chicago”

Next up was the popular musical.


The lines were long and people were waiting way ahead of time to get in.

I simply do not see this kind of excitement for the arts back home. It was a welcoming change of culture and atmosphere.  No way was I passing this up.



Central Park
One of the bridges in Central Park

I made my way to Central Park.  I loved the curves in the railing and wood.  The worn paint and boards from thousands of people over the years from all corners of the globe tell a story of their own.



Last Call
Last Call near 8th Ave and 49th Street

At the end of the day I was completely drained.  The 80 degree temps and walking miles had taken its toll on me.  I was ready to board the bus when just ahead of me two people were talking.  Her blue dress and pose immediately stood out against the stone and marble. With a sore neck and feet and barely any energy I had to grab this one last shot even though I said that about 20 shots earlier; however, this was my last shot.


My goal was to get great shots of people and places.  I didn’t need a full bag of camera gear.. I didn’t need 5 lenses or Reflectors.  I didn’t need flashes or triggers.  In the end, I just needed a day to take everything in and do my best to capture it in my perspective and share it with you.


Want to see more?  Click below to see the full photo.

Runner time warner New York Public Library tower 2
Joker Indie building nyc street

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