SIGMA 150-600 5-6.3 DGOS HSM Contemporary for Canon

Sigma 150-600mm for wildlife and outdoor photography?

sigmaThe Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens is a  Full Frame lens that I immediately fell in love with yet felt frustrated with.  My frustration was not because of any quality or performance issues but because I was going from a 300mm to 600mm lens and with that comes an adjustment period.  Once I got passed that part, my image keep ratio increased dramatically.

F/8 1/500th  ISO-1600 @600mm

I did a LOT of research on a 150-600mm lens and wanted something that could reach a greater distance as 300mm presents quite the challenge to get great shots while not disturbing the wildlife.  I was debating between the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary and the Tamron 150-600mm.  I went with the Sigma 150-600mm.  The deciding factor was that the top complaint with the Tamron was softness beyond 300mm on APS-C cameras.  Since I use the Canon 80D (Crop Sensor Camera) and had the same softness with the Tamron  70-300mm, I did not want to buy another lens with the same issue.

F/8 1/250 ISO-800 @ 516mm

Now let’s get the Sport vs Contemporary out of the way.  Yes there is a “Sport” model out there which performs slightly better and  is weather sealed on both ends of the lens.  It is also 2lbs heavier (6.3lbs) than the Contemporary (4.3lbs) and 2x the price.  From my research, the performance while better is not significant enough for me to justify another $1,000.

The 150-600 gives a total of 960mm  with the crop sensor (APS-C)  which is an insane range for under $1,000.  Along with the 600mm reach, you have a few options on the lens.

Features you need or just “extra” stuff?

modesFocus:  This allows you to choose between Manual (M) Manual Override (MO) and Auto Focus (AF).  MO allows  manual adjustments while in AF mode.

Full/10-(infinity)/2.8-10m: This allows you to choose the focus range. I use Full by default

These are your stabalization settings. Off,1 or 2.   Setting this to is mainly used for static objects or objects that aren’t moving a lot.  Setting 2 is for panning left/right on objects (example: birds in flight, aircraft, cars etc..)

Custom C1/C2/Off: This is where you can set custom settings on the lens such as Dynamic/Standard/Moderate OS Stablization in the View Finder.. or AF speeds.You can also adjust the Focal ranges if you want.  This requires the Sigma USB Dock. (I’ll do a post on that in the near future)

Lock:  There is a lock for each focus setting from 150-600mm. lock  The purpose of this lock is to prevent
“Lens Creep” which is where the weight of the lens starts slowly extends changing the focus length. I have lenses that do not offer this and I must say that this is a great feature.



Whatever model you choose, you should be more than satisfied.  Just remember.. buy the dock.. update the firmware and be patient with the learning curve.   Visit my Instagram for more examples with the sigma 150-600mm.



Eastern Kingbird
F/8 1/400th  ISO-400 600mm

F/8  1/320th  ISO-640 @500mm

F/8  1/125th  IS0-640 @600mm

F/10  1/500th  ISO- 1250 @205mm

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